Monday, December 28, 2009

LIp Gloss

Brand : Clinique colour surge impossibly glossy (mini) - 02 prettiest pink
Conditions: color swatch only
Review fr
**I fell in love when I bought the 14ml Clinique colour surge, I usually wear Mac lip-gloss and chanel lipsticks today however I fancied a change, my friend works at the Clinique counter at my boots store, so I asked her what should would recommend just for casual use.
She recommended me this wonderful lip tube and this colour because I have blonde hair.
When I put it on my lips I fell in love with it instantly, it seriously looks more like lipstick with a high gloss shine over it than regular lip gloss.
The name "Impossibly Glossy" I'm sorry, but how true!
If you love glossy lipglossses then this is defiantly the one for you, especially if you're like me and wears lipsticks more then lip glosses because of the matte feel to it.

Reason for sale: too much pink color lipgloss
Retail Price: no idea
Sarah's price:RM15

Brand : Tru Colors Los Angeles shimmery lipgloss #cotton candy
Conditions: used 2x
Description: Bought in SG.Wang Guardian, color pay off is good, pale pink color,
Reason for sale: too much lipgloss
Retail Price: RM32.90
Sarah's price:RM15

Brand : Estee Lauder Pure Pops Lipgloss - 1004 pink cupcake
Conditions: brand new
Description: this is more like a lip tint, no glitter, just shine and a hint of color! the gloss has minimal fragrance that does not linger, and it really looks great on!
Reason for sale: too much lipgloss
Retail Price: no idea
Sarah's price:RM25

** T&C applies

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