Monday, December 28, 2009

Eye Liner

Brand : Kanebo Kate super sharp liner BK-1
Conditions: used 3x
Review from MUA:

**This is one of the best liquid eyeliners out there! I have been using this everyday for many years. Although the black eyeliner is not a very intense black, it allows me to use it for an everyday natural look. I like it because it is not as harsh/intense as my Lancome Artliner (for day looks). If you do purchase it in Singapore, it is as cheap if not cheaper than most drugstore eyeliners! However, it is a bit drying on the eyes but a good eye cream or rosehip oil can take care of that.

**This is one of the best eyeliners I've ever used! It's easy to use and light to carry. Bought it in Japan 5 years ago and been loving it since. I get it from ebay and the price is very reasonable, only ~$15 and lasts 12months.

**Loveee it. Another positive review for Japanese products.
It's a liquid eyeliner that is basically like a pen. You have to shake it for the "pen" to actually work. The cap has a spring like thing in it that...actually I don't know what it does, but it's not bad!
The tip is truly "super sharp." It's really small and thin and it is so easy to apply. It goes on smooth and doesn't leave rigged lines. The line is really, really thin and it is really, really easy to just build up the thickness. I've been having issues trying the wing eyed look with my L'Oreal Lineur Intense [which is I still love and will continue to use], but it's incredibly easy to do with the Super Sharp Liner because the tip is so small. Great for detailed work.
The eyeliner description says that it is strong against sweat and water.
I went to Disneyland yesterday and it was pretty hot and it stayed all day, until I went on Splash Mountain.
I sat at the front and my face got drenched. I checked in the mirror, and it was almost like the top layer of the black color came off and spread, but there was still a "stain" of my eyeliner on my eyes. So as for as I know, the eyeliner stays, but not all of it.
It retails for 1000 yen, and I bought it for 20% off. 0.6mL.
Now my favorite liquid liners are the Kate Super Sharp Liner and L'Oreal Lineur Intense.

Reason for sale: too much eye liners
Retail Price: RM33.90
Sarah's price:RM 18

Brand : Trucco pro eye pencil - streak
Conditions: swatch only
  • Smooth, comfortable application
  • Mineral-oil free
  • Shapes and defines the eye
Review fr Amazon:
**I have been using this particular brand of pencil for 4 or 5 years now. It is extremely soft, making it easy to use and to apply to not-so-young eyes. The colors are also softer and suited to anyone, but especially the older color pallet.

Reason for sale: too much eye liners
Retail Price: $10.87 (USD)
Sarah's price:RM8

Brand : Maybelline line'n design auto eye liner - blue black
Conditions: used 6x
Review fr MUA:

**great liner, i go for very dramatic eye makeup and tht means piling on the black liner and mascara, i only use this and this alone for a great goth/smoky eye!! no shadow needed!! all my friends ask me for eye makeup tips and get very suprised that they can get this from the drugstore, they were expecting high end makeup artists stuff!! it doenst smudge , hold up to my oily lids, jus the correct texture to line and blend !! my HG liner.
Reason for sale: too much eyeliners
Retail Price: RM15~RM20
Sarah's price:RM5

Brand : L'oreal liner resist waterproof liquid eyeliner - noir black
Conditions: used few times
Description: waterproof black liquid eyeliner, the cover got slightly cracked, but no problem with closing
Review fr
**I cant seem to find this product in the L'Oreal website.

The label on the liner says L'Oreal Paris Liner Resist Waterproof.

The best eyeliner I've used so far. It doesnt smudge and has a hardening property. It feels rubbery after awhile so it doesnt crack or flake.
To remove just use either water and a sponge or eye make-up remover

Reason for sale: too much eyeliners
Retail Price: above RM30
Sarah's price:RM5

** T&C applies

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